Fido's Dog Poop Removal Service

Fido’s Dog Poop Pick Up Service comes to your home on a regular basis and picks up what your dog leaves behind. We pick up your dog’s poop AND haul it away! We provide dog poop removal service in Monroe, West Monroe, Sterlington, Calhoun, and Ruston.
Monroe Dog Poop Removal Service

Why Hire a Dog Poop Removal Service?

Are you a dog owner who is unable, unwilling or just want to enjoy your yard and pets without the hassle of dog waste clean up or a parent with small children who enjoy playing outside.
Monroe Dog Poop Removal Service

What Exactly is a Dog Poop Removal Service?

Fido’s Dog Poop Removal comes to your house regularly and cleans up what your dog leaves behind. We pick up your dog’s poop! We are a dog poop pick up service! Really a pet waste management company,
Dog Poop Removal Service

We Are Locally Owned and Operated, Not A Franchise

Fido’s Dog Poop Removal Service is proudly picking up dog poop and providing pet waste management in Monroe, West Monroe, Sterlington, Calhoun, and Ruston for both residential and commercial property.
Fidos Dog Poop Removal Service

How Much Does Dog Poop Removal Cost?

Fido’s Dog Poop Removal service costs vary by yard size. Most people can get by with a weekly pick-up service. If you have more dogs or a special occasion coming up you can always call us for a custom quote.

Fido's Dog Poop Removal: Who We Are

Fido’s Dog Poop Removal Service is owned by Jerry Robbins. Jerry has been providing wildlife removal services and honey bee removal services to this area for years.

Dog waste doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience for you and your pet. Hassling with Dog Waste bags, scooping dog poop with your pooper scooper, finding an inconspicuous area of your yard to pile up your dogs poop, are all a thing of the past.

As a locally owned and operated pet waste removal company, Fido’s will be there when you need us to clear your yard of your dog’s poop. Our team will remove and dispose of dog waste, and will never use your trash can.

Fidos Dog Poop removal Service

Why We Are Different



By regularly scooping pet waste, you are helping our environment. The Earth thanks you; not to mention your neighbors, family, friends, and even our drinking water!



At Fido’s Dog Poop Removal Service we are committed to making your yard a bit more enjoyable, your life a bit easier, and our environment a bit healthier for everyone.



For the price of a Dinner Out for 2, you can get your dog poop removed from your yard for an entire month! Our weekly dog poop removal service varies by the size and number of dogs.



Everyday millions of germs and potentially harmful parasites picked up from pet waste make their way into our homes via our shoes tracked into your home.

Interested In Fido's Dog Poop Pickup Service?

Fido’s Dog Poop Removal provides professional pet waste cleanup and removal services to your backyard. We scoop up poop so you and your family have a safe and clean yard to enjoy.

We provide dog poop pickup service and pet waste removal services for most of Ouachita, Lincoln, and Morehouse Parishes. Our major dog poop removal areas are in Monore, West Monroe, Sterlington, Calhoun, Bastrop, and Ruston.

Consult Me!

Dog Waste Pick Up And Removal Questions

Can you work with our dog or dogs in the yard?

In most cases, yes. We get along well with dogs; however, there are some cases when a dog will not let our worker into the yard. If you know that your dog is not good with strangers, or it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow us to clean the yard, then we ask that you restrain or confine the dog. We don’t want to take unnecessary risks with your dog or our employees.

What is Fido's Dog Poop removal Service area?

Fido’s Dog Poop Removal Service is currently providing pet waste management for the following cities: Monroe, West Monroe, Sterlington, Bastrop, Calhoun, and Ruston. We may go further, just give us a call.

How often do we come out to pick up dog poop?

Most of our customers prefer service once or twice a week. Other service schedules are available; if you would like to know more about service more often than that, please call us.

Does Fido's Dog Poop Removal Service have a referral program?

Yes, when you refer a new customer to Fido’s and they sign up for regular weekly pet waste removal service you will get one regular service day free. All the new client has to do is mention your name when they sign up for service and Fido’s will credit your account.

How much does dog poop pickup service cost?

Price varies by size of yard and number of dogs, raising your quality of life has never been so affordable. Fido’s Dog Poop removal is a local family owned dog waste removal service. We offer affordable, flexible pricing and payment options for dog waste removal. We do a professional job that we stand by! Our staff is friendly, courteous, and attentive.

What are my responsibilities to maintain service?

To better service you, please be mindful of the following:Yards and pens must be accessible.Grass and leaves should be kept to a minimum to locate the waste.Aggressive dogs must be left indoors on scheduled cleaning days.Payments must be made in a timely manner, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Isn't dog poop a good fertilizer?

No way! Dog’s diets are very high in protein (and meat based) so their poop is very acidic and can kill grass. Likewise, dog feces is full of bacteria and pathogens; using it as fertilizer or compost, especially on edible gardens, poses serious potential health risks and is discouraged by the CDC.

What if I need to skip a day?

You will not be charged if you call the company office 3 days prior to tell the service worker to skip your yard that day. If the dog will be gone from the yard for a couple of weeks, or for some reason you want us to skip your yard for a day or more, we can hold service for you.

How do I get my dog poop removal service started?

For the fastest response, call our main number, (318)439-0202 and we will schedule an estimate & come out to see your property. We’d love to meet the dogs as well! You won’t need to be home but we’ll need access to the yard.After that we will get you setup on our regular weekly schedule.

Fido's Dog Poop Removal

Price varies by the number of dogs and size of the yard.

Dog poop is gross and it’s not great for your lawn either. That’s why we offer convenient weekly dog waste pick-up service. Try us out this week and you’ll never want to scoop your own dog poop again!.


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